A society in which every woman is empowered to attain their full potential, to support their family and nation.


To support women’s involvement in sustainable livelihood activities.

Core Values

To fulfil JOYWO’s mandate, pursue the vision and accomplish the mission, the following values will guide its operations: Trust, Ownership and Passion.

What we do

In order to achieve its Vision and Mission, JOYWO has formulated the following Strategic Intervention Areas to guide its operations

Table banking

Table-banking is a group based funding strategy in which members save and borrow immediately during their meeting times

Livelihood activities

Enhancing members’ ability to earn income through sustainable livelihood activities.

Market Access and Market Linkages

Enhancing Market Access and Market Linkages.


Establishing Strategic Partnerships and Alliances to support livelihood and capacity building initiatives.


Enhancing Advocacy and Lobbying for support on Women and Youth empowerment programs

Research and development

Enhancing institutional research and development

About Joywo

JOYWO is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded to empower Kenyan women economically and enhance household food security among them through supporting their involvement in sustainable livelihood projects. JOYWO’S flagship project has been providing financial resources to women to engage in livelihood projects through a scheme known as Table Banking.

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