About Joywo

JOYWO is a Kenyan registered non-governmental organization (NGO) formed to empower Kenyan women economically and enhance house-hold food security among them through supporting their involvement in livelihood projects. JOYWO’s flagship projects have been providing financial resources to women to engage in livelihood projects through a scheme known as TABLE BANKING. This continues to be one of its core strategic interventions as it also addresses other key issues viz a viz; access to markets for livelihood projects, enhancing growth of women’s small scale investments and finally strengthening identification and incubation of diverse livelihood projects. Four years since its establishment, Joyful Women Organization has grown steadily to support the welfare of women countrywide in the fight against poverty. This intervention scope sets JOYWO on the path of realization of its mission.

Strategic Intervention Areas.

  1. Strengthening livelihood projects.
  2. Enhancing access to financial resources.
  3. Strengthening market access.
  4. Supporting investment growth.
  5. Enhancing capacity of JOYWO.


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What is table banking ?

Table-banking is a group funding strategy where members of a particular group meet once every month, place their savings, loan repayments and other contributions on the table then borrow immediately either as long term or short term loans. The women use the money borrowed as capital for their livelihood projects. The interest gained from the…

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Mrs. Rachel Ruto speaks at a Panel on Women in Technology (WIT) Academy

Mrs. Rachel Ruto has pledged to seek out support from institutions of higher learning and development partners to get more scholarships for women in technology related courses to bridge the huge gap between the number of women and men in technology. Mrs Ruto was responding to questions when she appeared as a panelist last night at…

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